Wednesday, June 1, 2016

this, that, and the after

My hands are blistered but my nails are painted a soft lilac color.  I vacillate between wanting to do grungy yard work and wanting to look like a girl.  I wore my Superman t-shirt to the post office today, after doing yard work and a dump run, and caught the attention of a small human wearing a Spiderman t-shirt.  It was pretty funny to watch him try to figure me out.

I have a houseplant that my sister-in-law gave me about 10 years ago.  It's moved a few times.  Silas sat in it once.  And it keeps chugging.  Today it bloomed!!  I didn't even know it could do that!  Apparently it is a Peace Lily.  It's been so droopy the last couple of weeks, despite watering, that I thought it was dying and then it goes and blooms.  Why, plant people, why?


The insurance adjuster was out today.  He "totaled" our Jeep.  Hopefully the process of getting payment from the insurance and finding a replacement vehicle will go smoothly and quickly (like before my husband leaves for the Bering Sea!).  Aaron was rear-ended on Saturday on his way to hold an open house for a client.  The Jeep suffered impact in the rear that rippled clear through to the front.  I'm thankful that the Jeep bent and absorbed the impact and kept my husband safe.  It is sobering to understand how life can change in an instant.  I'm thankful that we are only dealing with the loss of a vehicle and nothing more.

Charlie keeps curling up on the bag Aaron has set out for packing.  I don't know if he senses the impending trip or if he just found a cozy place to lay.  If I was smaller I'd certainly try to figure out a way to fit in the bag too!

Except for some touch-ups here and there, the house painting is all done.  My awesomely talented and hardworking husband did a great job.  We are both thrilled with our color choices which took sooooooooo long to decide on.  What's funny is that the colors we chose are very similar to the original color of the house when it was built in 1969, evidenced on some of the siding that was removed during this process.  So, we went retro but modern.  And it just fits.




Until next time!


  1. I love the house color. It is very suitable.

    Praise the Lord for Aaron's safety!

    Car shopping?