Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 20

Wherein I write about the time my husband went to Alaska to work on a commercial fishing boat...

So here's how the last four days have gone:

One day was spent productively, doing yard work, baking, that sort of thing.
One day was spent with my boys, going to pizza and a movie, that sort of thing.
One day was spent at church, playing piano, teaching Sunday school, that sort of thing.
One day was spent on the couch in my pajamas, cancelling plans, eating chicken nuggets, that sort of thing.  (Just keepin' it real)

If the past three weeks has revealed anything to me it is, simply, don't take any moments with your husband for granted.  It is those little moments that I miss the most.  Ok, sometimes he is really corny, like really corny and I roll my eyes and tell him how corny he is and he deflates a little.  But I'd rather have him here and corny than not.  And I realize how much he is my comfort, my safe place so without him here I am often directionless. 

So, do I like the single life?  No.  Not.  At.  All.  I'm over it.  Sure, I get to watch as many chick flicks as my heart desires.  I share the bathroom with 2 males rather than 3.  There is a lot less going on day to day.  But, it's not worth it.  I'd rather have him here.  I want him to kiss me for no reason.  I want to know he's sleeping beside me when I wake in the middle of the night.  I want to be interrupted by him while I'm putting on my makeup just because he wants to look at me.  I want to bake things for him.  And cook for him.  And drink coffee with him.  And watch Jeopardy with him.  And go for walks with him.  And hold hands with him.  And hear him breathing.

There are some jobs I have to get done while my husband is away.  One of which is to pull ivy.  We have ivy for days.  For days.  It covers fences and climbs trees and roots itself down deep into the ground.  I chug away at it.  Get blisters.  Get scratched up.  But it's a good distraction.  Today after church and after taking my puppy dog for a walk (he needs to lose a bit of weight) I spent some time getting blisters removing ivy.  Then after I was sweaty and bleeding I laid down in the grass and had a bit of a photo-op with my chickens and my dog.  Cause that's what we do.

The evening sun was shining through the leaves of the cherry tree, the insects were flying low and the chickens were foraging near the garden....

Nuggets, Pearl, Minty, and Elsa (Braveheart was behind me, digging near the ivy I had just pulled)....

Charlie was quiet.  I thought he had gone inside the house but I soon spotted him....

He gets in the garden but never can figure out how to get out.  So, he'll wait.  Sometimes he'll give a little bark just to get my attention.

So I open the gate and he's so happy that he comes out with tail wagging and a big smile.  He doesn't even mind that I was taking pictures of him in his predicament.  And he doesn't mind that I continue to take his picture.  This dog loves me.



And my chickens.  Here's Braveheart.  She was being very social.

And Pearl.  Very inquisitive.

My husband is doing fine.  He misses home.  He asked that I send Peanut M&M's and homemade Gingersnaps. 

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