Monday, March 21, 2016

the things I've seen

Two storms rolled over our island in one week.  The winds were strong and the rain was heavy.  We didn't suffer anything more than a couple rotten fence boards knocked loose but others dealt with power outages and downed trees.  Each storm ended with a beautiful double rainbow stretched across the sky. 
The second of the storms blew in on a Sunday and Aaron and I hurried down to the beach after church to take in some of the power.  We found a sheltered alcove and sat on large rocks to watch for awhile.  The wind picked up sand and blew it into the oncoming waves, or simply blew the tops off of the waves altogether.  It was all pretty amazing.

There's a fishing boat on those rough waves!

Our sheltered little nook.

Over the weekend we took an overnight trip with Austin.  He participated in the Northwest Regional Drill and Rifle Conference along with his rifle team and other teams from our school's JROTC battalion.
The morning of the competition offered a beautiful sunrise.  I took this picture out the window while Austin was driving.  This was just after we stopped for coffee.

The competition consists of color guards, armed drill teams, unarmed drill teams, physical training teams,  sporter rifle teams, and precision rifle teams.  These two pictures show our Color Guard team.  These ladies did a wonderful job!

Here is our precision team shooting in the kneeling position.
Left to right: Elena, Michael, Mara, and Austin.

This was my view of the award ceremony.  The crowd was full.  Lining the gym and sitting on the bleachers opposite are representatives from the 28 teams that were present at this competition.  This room was buzzing with energy after a very long day.

Our battalion won Conference Champions!  That was an epic moment.  Every one of these kids works so hard, gives so much to make our JROTC great and to see all that hard work rewarded in such a big way was very moving.  Yes, I had tears.  Whatever.

Here is Coach Goodman (on the left), Montana, Julia, Elena, Austin, and Chief Thiel.

Elena and Austin and their newest medals.

After the competition these kids were beat. 
A quick stop for coffee before the long drive home....

The drive home was pretty uneventful except that we passed through Seattle which always, always excites some sort of awe within me.  And we stopped at Mod Pizza which is a wonder all it's own.  Come visit, I will take you there.

Today was a pretty big deal.  All five of my chickens laid an egg.  This is a rare occurrence that requires photographic proof to prove that it actually happened.  I always tell them good job when their laying efforts are up to snuff, today was no different.

By the way....
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Monday, March 7, 2016

this blessed life

It's a pink blossoms, sunny days, yellow daffodils kind of March.  The hummingbird feeders have been freshly filled and a sweet little Rufous hummingbird has been visiting every day.  The chickens are helping me keep the garden tilled and weed free until planting time.  It's coming!  Spring is just 2 weeks away.

Over the weekend we were able to go to dinner with some pretty great people.  The food was truly amazing.  I had chicken and waffles - gourmet restaurant style.  We had fondue.  We had dessert.  We talked to the chef.  We had good conversation.  Our server was someone who I've worked alongside for the past three years.  It all just worked together to create a memorable evening.

We started Saturday with cups of coffee and the weekend edition of the news.  Later we went to the mall and Value Village and had lunch with our Blake.  The afternoon was full of much needed yard work.  Then my boys and I went on a spontaneous bike ride, returning at dusk.  That time with my boys...golden.

Today's spontaneity led Aaron and I to stop in at Whidbey Coffee then head down to the beach for a little walking and talking.  That's pretty great and reminds me that I really love this guy I'm married to.  And he lets me stop and take as many pictures as I need to.  Or pick up pretty rocks.  That's love.   And after working all day, serving people, sometimes the best thing is to walk in the sand, just a few feet from the surf, hand in hand with the one you love, and thank God for this blessed life.

For dinner tonight we are having:

Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie
  • Brown 1 pound lean ground beef with some chopped onion.
  • Spread into a greased pie plate.
  • Sprinkle with 1 c. of shredded cheese.
  • In a small bowl whisk together 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, and 1/2 c. Bisquick mix.
  • Pour mixture into pie plate.
  • Bake at 400 for about 25 minutes.

This was the beach today:

Here's what it sounded like....