Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 4

Wherein I write about the time my husband went to Alaska to work on a commercial fishing boat...

Today was a good day.  I've barely even cried!  It's kind of a sad existence when you get used to the feeling of a fresh cry on your face, the stuffy nose, the puffy eyes.  But today is not that day. 

After taking the boys to school I drove to Bellingham and had a friend at Les Schwab work on our new car.  We've known this great guy and his amazing wife for 13 years.  And they are gems, let me tell you.  They are those friends that you may not get to see often but when you do, you pick right back up where you left off.  They are warm and honest and genuine and I just love them.  And I think, seeing them, being out in the world today, kind of helped me over a little hump.  So, thanks friends.

Anyhoo, the day I took Aaron to the airport we decided we needed new tires on the car.  He called up our friend and made an appointment for me.  Later, unbeknownst to me, he also picked out some slick wheels.  So that was part of the reason for my trip today.  Some girls get a bouquet of roses while their husband is away on business...this girl got wheels and tires!

My sweet ride...

I had some free time after Les Schwab (who am I kidding, I have a TON of free time) so I went over to the mall.  Retail therapy....ahhhh.  I bought a couple things but really just being in public and not stewing over my emotions was therapy in itself.

But the day is not over!  I also took my son's out for Chinese food.  We have interesting conversation and they always surprise me.  We laughed and laughed over Blake's fortune:

I've thought all day about writing about my husband.  There's a history to our relationship that I wanted to write about but I just don't think I can put it out here on the internet.  So maybe someday, when we're talking face to face, the conversation will come up and I'll tell where I was in my life when I met this amazing guy that loved me so deeply and cared so much that it challenged everything I knew of love up until that point and helped me to grow into the woman I am 20 years later.

What I can tell you is that in preparing to be away from his family, my sweet man assembled a list of phone numbers for me, people I could call if I had any sort of trouble, people he had talked to and trusted to help me out.  That is what love does, you guys.  He also cleaned the garage and made sure I could find the common tools if I should need them.  Love.  He made sure there was money in the checking account so I could pay bills and buy groceries.  Love.  And he cried with me when it was time to say good-bye.

I got one of the good ones folks.  For reals.

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  1. Yes, you did get a good one. (For Reals) And I can say that he is one of a kind. Well, maybe two because my other brother in law is a lot like your husband. Praying for Aaron and you to receive a blessing from this time away. (Yes it can be a blessing ;-) )