Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 7 and some of my favorite things

Wherein I write about the time my husband went to Alaska to work on a commercial fishing boat...

My phone is my constant companion...even more so than before.  I never know when he might text me or even call.  But that communication with him on a daily basis has been a life buoy.  We might not get to text daily in the coming weeks, as they are getting closer and closer to being out on the water fishing.

I still miss him, my heart aches,  that won't end until he's home.  But for now, I'm doing better.  The days are pretty empty and sometimes feel pointless, I didn't realize how much of what I do, I do out of love for him.  But I haven't cried today.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I cried watching this performance from the Tony Awards, particularly from 1:50 on.  All the feels!!

Thank you, Sara Bareilles, for writing one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.  And thank you, Jessie Mueller, for knowing how to personify your character in song.  Amazing!
So it is day 7.  One week down.  That actually feels quite good to say.  And do you want to know what happens on day 9?  My sister is coming to visit me!!  Yeeeeeeeee!!  Bring on days 9 through 15!
Some of my favorite things at the moment:
I have "Under My Plum"
The color pictured is "Left Marooned"
You can buy this stuff at WalMart.
Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish - 733A Left Marooned
2.  Joanna Gaines
Love this she is so cute and classy Joanna Gaines:
3.  Jewelry Cleaner
I wear my wedding ring every day.  The only times I take it off are when I'm kneading bread dough or wrist deep in meatloaf.  This homemade cleaner works like a charm!  You can halve this recipe or just eyeball it.  Let your jewelry soak for about 15 minutes then use an old toothbrush to gently scrub  if needed.
Mix together:
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 T.  baking soda
  • 1 T. salt
  • 1 T.  dish soap
4.  Stitch Fix
If you've never heard of this let me explain:
This is an online personal stylist.  You fill out a questionnaire about your typical style and what things you look for in your clothing.  Then you sign up to have a stylist send you pieces to try.  There is a $20 styling fee for each shipment of 5 pieces.  You can choose to keep all the pieces or just one or two.  The $20 fee is applied to the cost of your items.  If you don't keep any of the items they do keep your styling fee for their services.
  • You are in control of when you get a shipment.  They aren't sent automatically unless you choose that.
  • It's so fun to have a stylist pick clothes for you!
  • The boxes come filled and packed with care and it feels like Christmas!
  • You're going to get to try things that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself.
  • Shipping is included in your $20 styling fee (this includes return shipping).
  • The pieces can be pretty expensive if you're a penny pincher like me.
  • If you don't keep any of the pieces you are still out your $20.
So, yeah.  That's Stitch Fix.
Even though I sound like a commercial, I'm really not trying to sell you anything.  I'm not associated with Stitch Fix in anyway except that I signed up for their service and I'm really having fun with it.
If you did decide to try it they have offered me a $25 credit for any referrals if you follow this link:
There you have it.  Some of my favorites.  Until next time!

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  1. You should post pictures of yourself in the outfits that stitch fix picks for you.

    I finally got a pair of white jeans at the thrift store on Saturday and tried them on this morning to see how they fit. I did a squat trying to stretch them out a bit and ripped out the butt. Ha! I'm bringing my ripped butt white pants. I have never had white pants and I am so excited to have a pair. I did get a couple tops that I really liked at the thrift store.

    Can't wait for days 9-13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!