Sunday, August 10, 2014

road trip: part one

A weekend road trip with my fifteen year old son.
We left Whidbey Island by ferry and took the scenic route.  I couldn't help but think that my dad would be proud by that choice as he was always looking for the back roads.
Hours later the town I grew up in came into view.  Unexpected memories flooded my mind.  My son was inundated with details and facts as they flowed from the recesses of my memory.  We did some sightseeing, some exploring, some coffee drinking, some laughing.  Together.  And all of the sudden, he was less my child and more my friend.
We checked into the Norblad Hostel.  This was my first experience with a hostel and I must say, I was thoroughly pleased with every aspect of the 100 year old building.

We were welcomed to our private room by an open door, a cool fresh breeze coming in through the open window, and a peaceful simplicity that I've never seen in a Motel 6.

The hostel has 35 rooms, 4 private bathrooms, 3 private (marble!) showers, and a communal kitchen.  Here's one of the shower rooms.  Just love the mix of colors!

This is the view from the lobby looking down the flight of the stairs that leads to the ground level.  The Norblad occupies the second floor of the building.


Lobby and front desk.

I never once had to wait for a turn in the bathroom or the shower.  That was a real treat as we're always fighting over the bathroom here at home!  My favorite bathroom had this shiny silver wallpaper.

We had a great view of the Columbia River and the Astor building (the tall building there on the right).
I leaned out the window and snapped this photo of the neon. 

The only negative about our stay was the street noise.  Folks, in various stages of intoxication, passed by on the sidewalk.  Car noises reverberated up the sides of the buildings.  And, in the lonely hours between one a.m. and five, a violinist played a hauntingly beautiful tune on an instrument with a warm, deep voice.  While it was annoying to have my sleep disrupted, I can't say that it was all that unpleasant.

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