Thursday, August 14, 2014


What does a girl do when she is physically and mentally exhausted?  When her feet ache and she feels like she could sleep for days?  Well, this girl makes a big batch of homemade spaghetti sauce and a double batch of pumpkin scones.

It seems counterintuitive maybe, to some.  But it's the therapeutic properties of fresh vegetables diced small and simmering in fresh tomato sauce that really unwind a mind.  It's the soft dough and warm cinnamon scent that help muscles to ease.  In the kitchen, that is my therapy.

The recipe I used for the pumpkin scones can be found here.

The recipe I used for the sauce is all in my mind but it included spinach, a zucchini, basil, roma tomatoes, thyme, red bell pepper, and ground beef.

I'm certainly not trying to hurry the process along but it is undeniable that Autumn has been in the air around here this past week.  We have weeks of Summer left but, there are glimpses here and there of the impending change.

One such change is spider webs.  It seems, just as fall descends, so do the orb weavers.  I think their webs are beautiful, especially when decorated with dew.  Just this morning I found two beautiful webs.
This one was in the garden.  You can see my cucumber plants in the background and the sagging sunflowers in the foreground.

This one was over the back fence. 

Blake is in full swing with football.  This is his first year playing and he's on the senior team of our city's youth league.  He loves football.  I mean, the boy LOVES football.  I'm glad we were able to give him this opportunity.  His biggest struggle has been with shin splints, for which we've tried multiple treatments (ice, Epsom salts, TigerBalm, stretches and exercises, ibuprofen, coconut oil massage, rest).  It's been a two week battle and he's still in pain.  Any ideas?

I recently ran into a snail, out for his morning jog.  He let me snap a couple pictures, midstride.  Who knew a snail could be so photogenic?

The end.

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  1. Webs are beautiful, until I walk through one, then I am a screaming lunatic, sorry!
    "All Things Pumpkin" season is just around the corner, Yay!
    Alex battled shin splints something terrible, doctor even had him doing physical therapy! Then Jack had him try a pair of his arch support inserts, and they worked! So we got him his own pair, we used "Super Feet" brand from Gimre's here in Astoria. They are spendy, run almost $100 for a pair, but they were worth it!