Tuesday, August 26, 2014

sad stories and silver linings

I live in the PNW (Pacific Northwest).  What's more, I live on an island in the Puget Sound of the PNW.  So, when we get hot summer days, we're talking 85 with humidity somewhere around 70%.  But a person gets used to weather.  When we lived in California it was not uncommon to battle summer temps of 112.  One hundred and twelve degrees!  But I'm not acclimated to that, not that I ever was.  No, I'm a northwestern girl that begins to melt a little at 78.  What's more, I'm a waitress in a restaurant with a black uniform and no air conditioning.  Can you say HOT? 

By the end of my shift today I was a sweaty, greasy, hot mess.  After a quick shower I had a few minutes to redo my nail polish (fingers and toes!) before getting the boys off to football practice and work.  I rarely paint my nails because: a) I don't have time, b) I end up peeling it off within 24 hours, c) my hands are usually in dirt or soapy water and my nails are a mess anyway.  But today, I needed that little bit of TLC.  While I was out taxiing boys and stopping at the grocery store, my cooling fan relay went out on my Jeep.  When I got home I had to find and remove the fuse from the engine compartment that would shut down the cooling fan manually.  Let me paint you a picture.... greasy, hot engine compartment + freshly painted purple glitter nails. Since I was on the phone with my husband who had to guide me to the "power distribution center" under the hood, I also ended up with grease on my forehead, my cheek, and my neck.  Sad story.

Silver lining?  The parts store has the relay in stock and we have the funds to pay for it.  And my nails aren't terribly ruined.  And I'll probably just peel the polish off tomorrow anyway.

In other news.... I ordered my student's homeschooling materials yesterday.  Looks like they'll arrive by the end of business on the day I was hoping to start school.  But what is homeschooling if not flexible, right?

I believe these are called first world problems.  You know, the kind of "problems" that people in some parts of the world would love to have.  A problem with a vehicle because that meant you actually had a vehicle.  A problem with nail polish because that meant that you had the time and energy for such frivolity.  Late  arriving education materials because someone is getting an education.  Ah, there I go being humbled. 

And life continues.  And it is beautiful.

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  1. It was nice to come home from the church today and read this. It made perfect sense in the chaotic, bitter-sweet, wonderful, miraculous lives we live. I miss you sometimes and think I would like to
    sit over a cup of coffee and exchange writing ideas and life-stuff unimpeded with time. Go to lulu.com and type in my name or Thoughts on Proverbs..... yes... that is now two books. But only one is there right now. God is so good. Have a wonderful evening. Please keep writing..... and blessing us with your stories of your life!!!! Connie