Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I woke to rain.  Beautiful, soft, healing rain.

Purple finches are lively, even in the rain.  In constant communication with each other they flit from tree to feeder to tree and off.

Pink flip flops offer no protection from the rain but the drops felt good on my feet as I walked around the yard pulling weeds for the chickens, checking on the garden, tending the tomato plant that threw a haphazard vine.

I harvested a perfect zucchini this morning and the first prickly cucumber.  It looks like there will be enough spaghetti squash to feed my entire neighborhood.

The chickens don't love rain.  They'd rather stay in their close quarters, keeping quiet.  They had a breakfast of leftover pancakes and yogurt. I also gave them lots of dandelions (roots and all).  Then we had a lesson: "how to eat seeds out of a sunflower".  They've never seen such a thing as a sunflower before so I carefully bent it open and pulled out a few seeds which they immediately ate out of my hand.  Once they figured out where the seeds had come from they tried it for themselves.  Those girls made me laugh with their inquisitive glances and quiet cooings.

Now to face the rest of the day.  I'm thankful to see God's handing moving in my life and the lives of others but I'm also struggling with discouragement and confusion in some areas.  It's a sort of weight and balances that constantly sways one way then the other.  The key is to not sway with it. 

Happy rainy Wednesday friends!

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  1. Our Wednesday is sunny not rainy! Hope you have a good rest of the week!