Sunday, August 24, 2014

summer's end

One year ago we were packing, signing papers, getting keys, moving in, eating our first meal in our new home.  Here we are a full year later and there are so many projects we just didn't get to (I know there will always be projects we didn't get to).  Hopefully before winter sets in we will be residing under a new roof (same house).
Life marches on and projects get set on the back burner.  The calendar fills up with work and appointments and errands and football season begins and suddenly we are all about getting one son to practice and the other to work.  And sometimes there is time to take the dogs to the beach and just breathe.  And sometimes there is not.
The first football game of the season landed on a perfectly sunny summer day.  We had home field advantage playing against Sedro-Wooley.

Final score: 49 to 8.  What a great way for the guys to start their season!

The hand slapping line.  Not sure what it's actually called.  Most of the guys just kind of half heartedly touch hands in a sort of sportsman- like action that says "hey, good game".
Then they turn around and jog back to a receiving line made up of cheerleaders and other supporters.  Cheering, clapping, hollering.  That sort of thing.
My lack of football understanding is glaringly obvious but I can muddle through well enough to know when to cheer, when to hold my breath, when to sigh in empathy.  It's like trying to hold a Spanish conversation but only knowing 8 Spanish words.
There has been a lot of garden harvesting recently.  I was able to pull nearly 10 pounds of potatoes from my potato tower (less than the 40 pounds I was expecting).  Next year I might try two potato towers, planted a couple weeks apart, and leave them to grow until early to mid-September.  The carrots are still producing.  I dig out a handful every couple of days.  They taste a lot like parsnips.  Every couple of days I gather a couple cucumbers (the crunchiest, most perfect I've ever had) as well as zucchini.  I've not tried the spaghetti squash yet as it still looks a pale green and the ones in the stores are always yellow so I'm not sure if they are ready?


School starts in a week and a half.  My work schedule will change slightly to accommodate this as I drop a work day to spend more time with my lone homeschooling student.  One son will navigate his Sophomore year in high school (we are BOTH nervous).  I foresee a rewarding challenge as we figure out how to balance homeschool and public school and a student in each.  I've learned that having teenagers is more of an adventure than having toddlers.  They are growing and changing just as fast and we are treading on new ground for all of us.

So many things I want to write about.  So much.  But it seems I'm in a season of life that doesn't offer the luxury to write what's on my heart.  My time is limited and beyond that, when I do have time, I sit and stare at an empty screen, cursor blinking in curiosity of what I have to say.  So many things on my heart and mind but that is where they stay, held closely, not willing to be shared.

Have a good week everyone!  I will be gearing up for the Fall season.  Making plans for school and all the yummy pumpkin things I will bake when not cheering at football games.


  1. Alex started his first year in public school as a sophomore also. Was very scary for me more than him! I think he turned out pretty well, I am very proud of him! His sports participation were wrestling and baseball (wrestling was very hard for me to get through!).
    You have raised, and continue to raise, some very nice boys!
    My youngest is a senior this year, he seems to be my biggest challenge, in that he isn't as academically gifted as Hannah and Alex, more like his dad (hahaha). He is very good with his hands/hands on projects. All three have a gift for writing and art (Hannah and AJ have received awards). I am proud of my kids, and have always questioned my abilities as a parent, as I am sure all parents have.
    You're an awesome mom!

  2. Your Spaghetti Squash should be ready to harvest when the vine starts to die. I just let mine shrivel up all the way to the stem on the squash and then cut it. They should cure a while in a cool place before you try them. Mine turned a very pretty yellow this year and very early. I am thinking they were cross pollinated with something else too. I did not eat any of the ones I grew last year because they never turned yellow and I was afraid they wouldn't be ripe. I put all of last years squash in a basket and put them out as decorations by the front door :-)

    I also agree with Lindy, You are and awesome Mom!!

    Have your chickens given you any eggs yet?