Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My first sip of coffee in the morning is usually consumed just as I step out the back door into the warm sunshine of a morning already in full swing.  The chickens are right there in their coop all pushed up against the side closest to me, almost as if they are happy to see me, probably because they want yogurt.

That time I have in the mornings, taking care of the chickens, watering the garden, cleaning the coop, pulling weeds, observing's so peaceful, my happy place.  I always know the rest of the day will whiz by in a blur of busy but morning moves slower when I can take time to observe growing things.

holding the rain

like peas in a pod

full sun

his work of art

Nuggets, 13 weeks old

There is beauty in a blade of grass.  There is wonder in the opening of a sunflower.  There is a moment of serenity contained in a warm breeze that brushes your cheek just so.  God created in detail.  Slow down, be quiet, and just observe.

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  1. I love the sunflower pictures. How beautiful! my neighbor has some growing in her yard and they bring me such joy every morning.

    Early morning is my favorite also.