Tuesday, July 8, 2014

working, healing, growing

For a couple weeks now I've had the pleasure of working alongside my son.  For the summer, my Austin is a busser/dishwasher at the restaurant where I am a server (the p.c. term for waitress).  This co-worker relationship has been an easy one to adjust to.  He works hard and I try to leave my parenting for off the clock.  The only problem we've run into is how he should address me while at work because it seems a little awkward for him to call me mom (we worked it out though).

It does make me chuckle a bit.  For a time I worked with my mom, she a waitress, me a busser.  We worked at a seafood restaurant in Astoria, Oregon.  Although, if I remember right, we worked conflicting shifts. 

I am proud of both of my boys.  They have had multiple opportunities this summer to earn some money.  They are good workers, strong and determined.  While Austin is earning his paycheck at the restaurant, Blake is earning some money doing work at a friend's house.  Also, a neighbor has hired the boys for yard care.  One of the boys already acknowledged that God is blessing.  Yes, He really is.
First paycheck!!

My Charlie is healing well.  He's back to wagging his whirligig tail and that makes me very happy.  The incision that they made into his lower abdomen is still open and will remain that way at least until next week but possibly just until it heals naturally.  Because of this he has to remain in the cone of shame most of the time unless we are really able to keep an eye on him.  Poor guy even has to sleep in it.  He is no longer on the stronger pain medicine but will continue to take the lesser medicine for a few more days.  If I could change one thing it would be that he could again sleep through the night.  As it is, I've spent the last week with a dog that keeps a newborn baby schedule.  Up every 2 to 3 hours at night to potty or stretch or just to complain to me about that blasted cone.  But he is still here and he's feeling better so I don't mind the lack of sleep too much.

Garden update!
  • 2 tiny green cherry tomatoes have emerged from a plethora of blossoms
  • the zucchini, cucumbers, and spaghetti squash are just days away from showing some blossoms
  • the peas are staying on the vines until the little peas inside are actually big enough to eat - I have no idea what I'm doing with these!
  • the lettuce is huge
  • the carrot-tops are huge
  • one lone sunflower has opened into a beautiful sunny flower, I'm awaiting 7 or 8 more.
  • my husband and one son harvested a few cups of cherries from our tree that I made into cherry vanilla ice cream

And one final thing.  I'm sure you've heard of essential oils, with the recent surge in their popularity they seem to be popping up all over the place.  But, do you know how to use them?  Did you know that you can makeover your entire medicine cabinet with these lovely healing oils? 

I have a dear friend that is holding a webinar this Thursday evening devoted to oils.  She has done her research and knows her stuff.  If you are just starting out on the essential oil journey, plan on being a part of her webinar.  It's free, just register ahead of time and keep the hour between 7 and 8 (Pacific Time) reserved.

Register here: Drops of Health webinar

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  1. So what does he call you at work?

    We picked our peas before the ones inside got too big, like a snow pea. the were tender and flavorful that way. We found the peas on the inside hard if we shelled them. If you indeed have the shelling type pea, shell them and freeze them. No cooking necessary just put them in a zip lock and freeze to eat later or put in salads.

    I'm happy the boys are earning their own money. It makes for goods lessons on responsibility etc...

    I am glad to hear Charlie's on the mend. He is a much beloved little doggie.

    Love You Sister!