Friday, July 25, 2014

like words change me

I read a book.  And it reached in and pulled my heart out then proceeded to stomp it into the dirt.  Then it picked my heart back up, dusted it off and handed it back to me.  And my emotions were raw.  And I felt different for reading it.  Like I can never be the same since those words permeated my soul.

An author, with nothing more than his mind, can craft a work of art that evokes raw emotion from those who read.  In silence they read, and the silence of the written word is such a powerful entity that is can steer thoughts, steer feelings, drawing from the eyes, tears; from the mouth, sighs; from the hands, clenched fists.  And the reader is left a sobbing mess, unsure of what train just hit them.  But it was no train, just words.  Expertly crafted.

Then I heard a song.  And it took my heart and held it in it's hands.  Turned it over and over and squeezed till I felt I couldn't live.  And the wave of feeling washed over me as a tide.

A painter uses color to paint a living picture.  A songwriter paints pictures with words.  And like the author's, those words are so powerful to draw out things from your self that you didn't know, didn't see until it's laying there at your very feet. But unlike the author's silent words, a songwriter's words are audible, beautiful sounds that fall on the ears, weave inside the mind, dancing to music written in time.

All this happened within eight hours, the book and the song.  And I just wonder at the power of words.  And I hope that someday I will wield the strength and power of words with an expert hand, that I will write something that changes a person forever, that leaves them weeping and broken and renewed and full of hope.  Like words change me.

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