Monday, December 2, 2013

day in the snow

We found a winter wonderland.  Driving up into the mountains with boys and dogs and sled and guns and Cheez-its, we drove till the ground was white and then a little further.  The boys were all about the sledding.  Aaron and I were all about picking out the perfect imperfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Dogs ran amuck, sniffing snow, marking the territory.  Charlie got a little overwhelmed with all the snow (it's rough being a little dog) so I did have to "baby" him a little and carried him around while he thawed.  Silas was happy as a dog can be.  By the end of the day he was tired and stiff and I had to give him a couple extra glucosamine.
My camera is temperamental as of late so I've not been taking many pictures.  I really wasn't able to capture the beauty of this place we were in:
     the stream that ran, fed by snow, down the ravine
     the deep green of the trees next to the pure white of the snow
     the cold red cheeks of a boy that has waited all year for snow
     the tree that stood alone on the hillside that we chose to be ours.



By the time we chose the tree (truth be told Silas pointed it out to us) the sledders were frozen, the dogs were exhausted, and it was high time to get to lower ground.  We drove below the white, into rain.  Austin had his hopes set on getting some shooting in though and his dad, frozen himself, made the time to the rain.  Blake and I suffered in the warm Jeep with the pups and ate Cheez-its while listening to Christmas music (it wasn't so bad).

The tree now sits in the garage in a bucket of water.  We haven't had time to get it put up and decorated.  It's kind of bare, a little thin in the branches.  It won't take long to decorate this one but it will be imperfectly perfect and we will enjoy it.  It does smell divine!


  1. Looks like the perfect Christmas Tree search day to me! :D

  2. you mean... you get to choose a tree in the wild? like not on a tree farm? or precut at the local shopping center parking lot? wow. that sounds perfect. as does your imperfect tree. I will never cease to be startled by the beauty of where you live and breath!!!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Cynthia. How fun to go get one out of the wilderness. And you have snow. I am jealous. I love snow. We haven't had any here yet.

  4. winter wonderland indeed! love it~ THERE! that is. not here. ;) here i hate the snow.. but it sure is pretty in pictures. haha.

    have a great rest of the week, girl. xo

  5. .. where does your sis blog now? i've lost track of her.
    think of her every year when i pull out my cinnamon scented pinecone basket. :)

  6. How beautiful!! Hope you had some hot chocolate!

  7. I always love your posts, they do something deep inside of me.