Saturday, December 7, 2013

sunny Saturday reflections

I have found a warm sunny spot here in my red chair.  The December sun is streaming through the window and I am content to sit right here and soak it up.

We ventured out in the chill this morning, not-so-bright-and early, my boys and I.  We took in coffee and toasted bagels at Starbuck's.  We traded in our old books and found new at the library, each of us weighed down with promising reads as we left.  We picked up some necessities and groceries, even daring to enter WalMart on a Saturday (will I NEVER learn?).

Back home now and one boy is reading his new books, the other is working on his schoolwork.  The house is still and quiet.  The rest of my day will be spent baking, cooking, and putting away laundry and maybe, just maybe, stealing away some time curled under a blanket with my pups reading my new books!

Tomorrow after church services we are having a themed lunch.  The theme this week is "Mom's (or Grandma's Recipe".  I don't have any of my grandmother's recipes.  My paternal grandmother died long before I was born and my maternal grandmother passed when I was very young so I never knew either of them.  My mom does say that her mother was quite the hostess, loving to entertain (just like my sister!).  I didn't get that gene. 

Some things my mom made frequently while I was growing up were: spaghetti, roast beef with potatoes and carrots, and French dip sandwiches.  I have decided to take French dip sandwiches to share for lunch.  Another thing my mom made that I always thought was so fancy was a little salad, served up on individual plates.  Each salad was a half of a pear (from a can) on an iceberg lettuce leaf.  Each pear had a dollop of mayonnaise and a sprinkling of paprika on top.  As a kid I thought this was gourmet eating!

Outside my window...  sunshine, birds, frosty patches

I am thinking...  about stages.  Having an almost 15 year old and an almost 13 year old is not dull.  Each boy is going through so many changes that every moment with them is an adventure, sometimes a fun adventure, sometimes a dreadful adventure.

I am thankful...  for my sweet sister.  I miss her like crazy.  And I'm thankful for a Christian employer.  And heaters in my house.  And Christmas decorations from my childhood.  And music in my heart.

In the kitchen...  the scent of pumpkin coffee cake will soon be drifting from the oven

I am wearing...  dark skinny jeans, my favorite black boots
from ModCloth,  navy blue sweater, gray and black scarf, gray hat, and pigtail braids in my hair.

I am reading...  my checkout list form the today's library trip:

  • A Little House Reader: A Collection of Writings by Laura Ingalls Wilder  A Little House Reader: A Collection of Writings by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • What the Amish Can Teach Us About the Simple Life - LifeWay Reader What the Amish Can Teach Us About the Simple Life by Georgia Varozza
  • The Book of Tomorrow  The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

A favorite quote for today... 
Little by little
the time flies by
Short if we laugh through it
Long if we sigh.
-Laura Ingalls Wilder
A peek into my day...  my day began with a little fluffy Charlie dog, curled up next to me under the covers.  He is ONLY allowed in my bed when my husband is gone for the day so it's an extra special treat.
The sun has moved on and my cozy spot is now chilly.  I must get on with my day.