Friday, November 15, 2013

that kind of day

It is a cello music on Pandora kind of day.  Cup of coffee, magazine perusing kind of day.  Warm lounge pants, pigtail braids, and sweatshirt kind of day.

I was released from work early because the rain had sent people into hiding.  Stopped at the store and surprised my boys with onion rings and chicken strips for lunch.  We rarely get this treat but when we do it must be eaten with corn.  It is just meant to be that way.  Like grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Like fresh baked cookies and milk.

The older boy and I made a trip to the library, venturing out into the rain but we've spent the rest of the day at home.  Schoolwork is done for the week save for one math quiz and spelling tests that we will tackle tomorrow.

Blake had his first experience with Nyquil this week.  We are not much into medications or even pain relievers as a habit but sometimes there just has to be some relief.   So, Nyquil for the boy with the head cold.  The first dose was right before bed so he just slept through the night.  The second dose was mid-afternoon and that boy was downright loopy all evening.  He could not string together thoughts and was very absentminded.  He's Nyquil free now for 24 hours, no twelve step program needed.

Happy weekend!

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