Wednesday, November 6, 2013

matters both esculent and domestic

We spent an evening at the yacht club.  The occasion was an election dinner in honor of some of the candidates running for city council in our town, one of which is a friend.  We did our best to not stand out as "the ones who obviously don't belong".  It was fun to be there, to see familiar faces from around town, to be a part of something.  Not all the ballots have been counted but the initial count has our friend ahead 51% to 49%...a close race.

I picked up a few books at the library yesterday.  Last night my husband was looking for something to read so I offered this title: The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home: The Happy Luddite's Guide to Domestic Self-Sufficiency.  His response?  "What is a Luddite?  I will just read my Bible." 

The very beginning of the book offers this introduction which made me shiver with literary pleasure as I read it:

A recondite treasury of arcane secrets, wherein are explained mysteries of the kitchen and cupboard, plainly set forth for those who would profit materially and spiritually through self-sufficiency, honest unplugged labor, and diligent application of economic principles derived from our esteemed forebears in matters both esculent and domestic.

My inner "word-nerd" just loves how those letters and syllables were strung together.

As for a Luddite, it seems to mean someone who opposes technology and the advances of such.  The rest of the book was a blur as I skimmed through.  Came across two things I earmarked to go back to: sourdough bread and apple cider donuts.  Oh yeah!

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