Friday, November 22, 2013

finally Friday

Outside my window...  The cherry tree is bald.  We've had a couple of frosty mornings recently.  One morning the hummingbird feeder was frozen but it hasn't kept the hummingbirds from stopping in. 

 I am thinking...  my mind is still in work mode.  I had mostly pleasant customers today, with a rude one thrown in.  Those rude people always shake me up because I'm just not used to being treated that way and I certainly don't treat others like that.

In the kitchen...  I'm going to make an oven stew this evening.  It's very simple and baked slowly in the oven it brings out all the best flavors.

 I am wearing...  Still sporting my work clothes with a hoodie thrown over.  I smell like other people's food. 

I am going...  to a bluegrass jam session, with my violin.  If I stay brave and actually go I'm sure I'll share the details.

I am reading...  I'm working on a lighthearted mystery The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.  I just love the main character Jim Qwilleran in these books and there is never anything vulgar.

I am looking forward to...  going to the movies.  We've been saving up to go see "Catching Fire" as a family.  The boys and I have read all the books.  We've had an envelope up on the frig that I've been putting tip money in and the boys added a bit here and there.  Now we have plenty for tickets and popcorn.

Around the house...  I've been working all week so we are sporting the "lived in" look.  Putting away the clean laundry is always last on my list of priorities during the week.

 A favorite quote for today...
Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.  -Mark Twain

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