Thursday, November 21, 2013

a good solid plan

After a difficult couple of weeks awhile back there was talk of turning our student over to public school.  It is something we've never ruled out of the realm of possibilities as we always want to be open to God's leading.  We just keep that possibility in the back of our minds and agree to discuss if the time ever arose.  The time arose not too long ago while in deep discussion with our eldest. 

The words first came out of his mouth and knocked the wind out of me.  "Maybe I should go to public school."  I did not dismiss his idea nor did I show approval.  I let his dad know the conversation and we both separately took that day and a couple more to think/pray. 

Over the following weeks we kept the conversation open, we continued to pray, we continued to monitor our son.  God gave us great peace about keeping our son at home.  Planning for high school ensued and we kept our student in on the discussions, asking for input, giving explanations of what it all means.  We all agreed to continue on in homeschooling while using every available resource from the high school.

It is a renewed purpose.  It will probably be renewed again.  Because there are difficult days.  There are doubts that pick at the very core of me.

But at the heart of matter I must remember that my children are my children before they are my students.  I am their mother before I am their teacher.  And it is their hearts that have been entrusted to me to train and nurture.  Growing up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord is not about textbooks and lesson plans and homeschool and public school.

It is a difficult thing to keep in perspective when I am up to my elbows in school on a daily basis.

I recently completed the "Course of Study" four year highschool plan using Donna Young's example shown here.  My husband and I took a couple of evenings to plan our homeschool's credit requirements as well as our graduation requirements.  This was all such a process and I will admit it STRESSED me out!

Breathing easier now with a good solid plan.

These are our four year requirements:

4 credits English/Literature
3 credits Mathematics
4 credits History/Social Studies
2 credits Foreign Language
.5 credit Health
1 credit P.E.
2 credits Fine Arts
1 credit Career/Technical
4 credits Biblical Theology
2 credits Electives

Our students will not be limited to just two electives but only two full credits are required.  I think they can do as many as they have time for.  LOVE the freedom we have here.  We also have it set up in such a way that come Senior year there will be time for a part time job if the opportunity arises.

I'm humbled by the great privilege I have of seeing my children grow before my very eyes.  As we tread these teen years I see time speeding up, changes happening so fast, like I'm caught in a whirlwind. 

It is that very realization that causes me to dig my heels in and pay attention to the moment because it will never happen again.  I grab hold of the details and savor them because I know that so soon they will be the memories I return to.

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