Thursday, September 5, 2013

this day

Sleepy dogs, drizzly rain, cello music on Pandora.

Dunkin Donuts coffee in the coffee pot, the lingering smell of pancakes in the air.

I sit here at the open front window watching a stream of rainwater make it's way down the road.  The grass is already greener, revived by a long drink.

The schoolwork corrections I've not been able to get to for a week are now done.  Maybe we can get back into the swing of things after moving house.  Things are already settling down, schedules are set.

Austin had his first day at NJROTC today.  There are 40 kids in his class.  40!!!  One of them being a foreign exchange student from Spain.  Another fellow student is also a fellow homeschooler.

The rain is pouring down now.  Tchaikovsky serenades.

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  1. hello friend.. testing out my blog index and seeing where everyone is! :))

    hope to be back in touch again~