Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Austin left in his Navy sweats today.  First day of PT (physical training).  This will happen twice a week through the school year.  He's excited to work on his abs.  As a fourteen year old boy he really needs the physical outlet.  This is something I've learned of boys.

I've been allowing the boys to go on long bike rides around town.  It's not a huge town and even then I have given them boundaries (don't cross the highway, don't go further south than the middle school).  They've been exploring neighborhoods and bringing me back reports of how the other half lives.  "They have really nice cars and even their second car is really nice!"

Schedules have it that I've not been working much these last couple weeks.  This doesn't bother me one little bit.  It's been nice to have the time to get some things done, to button up things at the old house, etc...  It is always our desire to return things in better condition than we received them so we've been putting some time in on the old place.  Living there for four years with energetic boys may have been a little hard on the place too.  We've been painting, pressure washing, and scrubbing.  Done soon!

Each morning I wake up and open the blinds to see the sunrise I am thankful.  This new place has just awakened a spirit of gratitude in me.  Our family has grown tighter through the move, through the changes.  And the changes offer so much promise.  I love being here in the mornings with my family, whereas before I was out the door at 4:45.  We all wake up together, one trudging to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, taking turns in the bathroom to ready for the day.  I see the teenager out the door.  I see the husband out the door.  And the day begins.  Everyday.

Thank you Lord for this time, this gift, for the love you express each and every day and my ability to recognize it.


  1. i smiled at your boys saying they have really nice cars and even their second car is nice!!! haha. ah, the perspective of kids. i used to love riding all around our neighborhood as a kid w/ my brother.. we would stay gone for hours!

    i like your header! i have a thing for dandelions and chose them as the "theme" for my photography business cards. :)

  2. I Timothy 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.

    Rejoicing in your happiness! You sound better :-) Love you!!