Monday, September 9, 2013

and the birds

A gray hummingbird came to the window today.

Just a bird.  Just an undistinguished bird.

But to me,

                           a gift from God.

One of my biggest hurdles to moving into town was moving away from all "my" birds.  I'd been greeting the birds each morning, smiling out the window as they flit around the feeders.

I voiced my concern to my husband many times.  Would they find me?  Who would feed them?  Should I leave a birdseed trail to the new place?  Are there even birds in town?

And today.

A hummingbird came to the window.

My heart verily leapt with joy as I strained my eyes to watch his path.

As I sat at the table and assisted my son with his English, my eyes were constantly drawn to movements out the window.

Soon I saw a chickadee light on the cherry tree.  A chickadee!

Today I will be making up some fresh hummingbird solution and hanging the seed feeders with care.  These new birds and I, we will be fast friends.

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