Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the desire of our hearts - part 2

When we wake up we can see the sunrise from our bedroom, the back patio, and the kitchen.  This makes me tremendously happy as my heart seems to be connected to the light of the sun (Son).  And in the afternoon the sun warms the front of our house, streaming through the living room window, making sunny patches on the carpet for the dogs to nap in.

We have a few rose bushes, a cherry tree, and day lilies. We have room for a garden next spring. Yay!

This may not be my dream farmhouse in the country but it is HOME.  It is where we are now, maybe not forever, but for this season of life.

With this move into town came a new job for me.  I work for the same people but now I work at their restaurant in town.  I was able to set my own hours and days.  No more up at 4 a.m., I'll be home to make my kids breakfast and get them started on their schoolwork.  And I'll be home in the afternoon to finish school and tend to my home.  No more 8 or 9 hour shifts, I'll be working 4 hour shifts, 5 days a week.  This means I won't be exhausted like I was, I'll have energy leftover to spend on my family.  My heart is happy as I see the potential in this much needed change.

Already, I've been bike riding with the boys.  We can go all over town.  We can ride to the beach, to the library, to any park, to 7-eleven for a Slurpee, or just about anywhere.  And I say hi to everyone because I feel like I'm really part of a community now.  And I want to just stop them and tell them so.  But I only say hi.

Our oldest son is within walking/biking distance of the high school.  We've been riding our bikes there to time it (6 minutes) and practice the route so he is comfortable with it come the first day (tomorrow!).  I bought him some school supplies too.  Even though he's just taking the one class I wanted him to feel prepared.  He's got a new binder, a pack of paper, mechanical pencils, and smooth ink pens.  And I've been talking to him about some of the things that he may encounter, maybe I'm more nervous than he!  My son is a well adjusted, confident, personable individual and I know he'll be amazing!

To be continued...

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