Monday, September 16, 2013

another whole

Monday, September 16th.  It rains.  After a lightning storm last night, the rain continues.  Normally this would be a fantastic respite, reason to curl up in blankets.  Today it is not so welcome as we are entertaining smaller humans, boys with energy that really want to be outside.  I call upon my reserve bag of tricks and plan on pulling out sheets and blankets later for living room fort building.

This day is special.  Our niece is in labor with her first baby, a daughter.  Life changing.  Joy giving.  And my sister becomes a grandmother.

I know I've said it already but I really, really love our new home.  It is warm.  And my kitchen.  Sigh.  It is my favorite.  The other day I spent hours there, baking.  Happy girl.  Today too will find me there, mixing up some pumpkin bread rolls.

This week, since we are caring for our younger friends I have taken most of the week off of work.  Have I mentioned that I'm a waitress now?  This is a first for me.  After my last job where we took multitasking to another level, I've got this in the bag.

Side note:  "a whole nother" is not a phrase, ever.  Please, for my sanity, say "another whole" or just "another" or just "whole". Not "a whole nother".  The end.

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  1. happy for you and beth and this fun new addition to your family~

    being a waitress is something i don't think i could ever do.. i just know i'd drop food all over the customers and probably bust out crying if they were mad about any of their order. i admire those who are and always try to tip extra when we have a good one - i just think, "that can't be an easy job!" :))

    your side note cracked me up! and guilty here of saying that! hopefully we can still be friends. ;))

    happy wednesday!