Thursday, April 10, 2014

show and tell

I have to start off by saying, my husband is wonderful.
When his wife gets silly ideas like, say, let's get chickens, she probably thinks there's nothing to it.  Like, you just get chickens and they lay eggs and everyone lives happily ever after.
Of course, chickens must have a place to live and lay said eggs. 
Of course.
My sweet man browsed Pinterest with me, listened to my desires concerning a chicken domicile, and crafted an idea in his mind.  He spent the last couple days building his idea into real life.
This is what our chicken tractor looks like so far:
Blake and I spent hours painting every nook and cranny of that thing today with a primer coat.  It will have wheels and chicken wire.  It will have roofing shingles and a nice coat of sage green semi gloss paint, you know, chicken necessities.  I will show pictures here in a couple days when it's all done!!
The garden is coming along swimmingly.  This is another of those areas where my husband's ingenuity comes into play.  I told him my ideas for the fence and that I really, really, REALLY wanted to build it myself.  No help.  Just me. 
I went to Home Depot and wandered the aisles realizing in short measure that I had no clue how to go about building what I envisioned in my head.
Aaron helped me.  Of course.  He's so good at making things.  And I'm so....haphazard and flighty about stuff.  I insist that he just slap something together and he insists on using a level and proper tools.  Psh.
Anyway, here's the beginning stage of the fence:


Here is our beautiful driftwood fence all completed.  I love it!
Today I began planting, just not IN the garden.  I planted some little yellow tomatoes in a big pot with a tomato cage.  These are from seeds not from starts so we'll see how they fare.  I also planted some lavender seeds in the front flowerbeds.  These beds are full sun and I'm afraid they may be too dry for the little seeds to really catch on.

A beautiful little male Rufous Hummingbird stopped in this evening.  His body was rust colored with a lighter underbelly.  I read that this variety of hummingbird is the smallest bird in our region and that these little guys winter in Mexico with the males showing up here in the early spring, earlier than the females.  Isn't it funny that it's usually the guys waiting on the gals?  I think it's really cool that maybe just a month ago that tiny little body was in Mexico and now he's taking sustenance at my feeder.

Happy spring everyone!

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  1. I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Happy Spring, friend! I love everything you are working on. Keep us posted!