Tuesday, April 15, 2014

another birthday eve

It was a beautiful sunny spring afternoon when we took our first baby home from the hospital.  I'd never seen a day as colorful, nor have I since.  That baby changed how I viewed the world, how I viewed life, how I viewed myself.  And still, 15 years later, he challenges me, changes me still.

Tomorrow we will celebrate our Austin and his 15 years.  We bought him a brand new bike, a really nice looking set of wheels (shhh...it's a surprise).  He requested chili dogs for dinner.  And cheesecake.

Every day with him breaks new ground for us.  We've never parented a 15 year old before.  Every stage is a learning process, an adventure.  I've been breathing prayers unceasing for wisdom.  A mother's heart can sense things, see things in her child that are under the surface, not readily visible to the naked eye.  These things cause me to run to God and beg for wisdom. 

The boy turns into a man.  This is an uncharted wilderness.

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  1. I hope he had a great birthday. Easy dinner for sure!