Saturday, March 1, 2014

urgent prayer request

This is an urgent prayer request for a sweet young family.  Please pray for rest, for peace, for unwavering faith, for wisdom, for healing, and for good news.

This is what they are up against:

Photo: I would have shared this photo with people earlier, but we wanted our family to see what lanae was up against first. i know that you will respect that decision. so here is what we are looking at. The white area on the right side of the brain is her tumor. kinda give you some information on it, they believe that it started in the sack where her spinal fuild is held at, and it has just progress from there. I can not tell you how long this has taken to get this big, but all i know it is there. Monday we will being some testing to see how we are going to go about and remove it. Just keep us in your prayers right now. we are very tired and lanae is being such a good tropper through this. thank you all

That large white section is a tumor in the brain of a very young little girl.

This is what her mother has shared:

What started out as a simple viral infection has led to a final diagnosis... one we never expected to hear. Our little girl, not yet two, has a brain tumor. It is massive... about the size of a grapefruit. There is good news- it's in a good area of the brain, and it was caught in time, before things got too worse. Surgery is scheduled for ...Tuesday as of right now. No word on what kind of tumor, won't know until they are able to examine it after the surgery.

My heart aches for them and all we can do, the BEST we can do, is pray.

Please pray with me for Lanae.


  1. Praying for Lanae!!!!! God is holding her in his hand and he will get the glory for whatever happens!

  2. ohmy. thanks for sharing this. i'm praying as i write... health and healing for this sweet baby... may HIS presence bring lanae's parents & family peace and comfort... wisdom for the medical team...

  3. We are praying for her as well. Her parents are very special friends of ours.