Wednesday, March 5, 2014

an update, keep praying

I know that my friends and family have been praying for little Lanae.  Please continue to do so.

If this is the first you've heard, catch up here: urgent prayer request.

She had surgery yesterday and is doing well today.  Her parents are tired, worried, and trusting.

This is what her mom has to say:

She's settled in her room and sleeping, doing well. Opened her eyes just a little bit, and even fighting the nurses- YAY! They will keep her sedated for another 24 hours, just so minimize her moving around. We won't know the full results of the surgery for a few days, but here's what we do know. They got as much as they could- it was massive, with fingers entangled into the brain itself. Nasty stuff. But they worked hard, they fought for my little girl. Now the hard part. We won't know for a few days more on the results, but the surgeon did give a guess- 80% accuracy. Based on what he saw, he thinks that it is cancerous.... choroid plexus carcinoma. It's one of the bad ones, hard to beat. But, I know that my little girl is a tough fighter, and we have a great support system. More than that- we serve a GREAT God, who is here through it all. I will give more details later, but I will tell you that your prayers were definitely felt during the surgery in an amazing way- and it has literally saved her life. I thank you, your prayers and messages mean a lot to us right now.
Please, friends, continue to pray for this girl and her family.  Trust that we will see amazing things happen through this storm. And, if you needed the reminder, hug your babies.
Also, if you are able to assist with a monetary gift, send me a message and I'll get an address for you.


  1. Continuing to pray for this little sweetheart, and her family.

  2. Thank you for letting us know about this poor little girl. I've been praying.