Tuesday, March 11, 2014

about a boy

Over the weekend, my Austin attended his first JROTC ball.  He wore his uniform and was looking forward to some good food and playing games. 

We left Blake home playing video games with his friend Caleb and drove him onto the Navy base where the ball was being held.  When we pulled up to drop him off at the Officer's Club I caught a glimpse of the kids already arrived.  The girls wore long gowns, Chief was wearing dress blues.  A tear choked my throat for a moment as our eldest son got out of the car and walked inside.  How did we get here?  How did we get here from superhero underwear?!

Turns out he spent some of the evening locked in fierce arm wrestling battles with the other guys.  He ate salmon and fresh spinach and two rolls with butter.  A mom asks these things. 

Tomorrow Austin gets to go back on base and take part in survival swimming training.  He is beyond excited for this opportunity.  I believe he'll be meeting some Marines as well as having lunch in the "galley".  He will be wearing his uniform and marching on grounds.  I can't wait to hear all about it.

To add to his busy month, Austin is competing in the JROTC Championships this weekend held here at our own school.  The competition is for all the different teams (color guard, armed and unarmed drill, pt, rifle, and whatever others that I am forgetting).

But for today, I snatched my guys away from a humdrum afternoon and we went down to the waterfront and walked.  We walked from one end of town to the other.  It was a perfect sunny afternoon and the air smelled of salt water and warm berries.  We ended up at the frozen yogurt place, as good a destination as any.  And my mom heart was full for the time I had with my boys.


  1. i'm hearing milestones for your boys... and their mother's heart too.
    how crazy fast it's all going.

  2. "How did we get here from superhero underwear?!" Loved that line and how your full heart shown through this post due to the love you have for your boys.