Tuesday, March 4, 2014

on things around here

1.  the garden is 2/3 tilled - it hurts my back so much to dig up the grass and get all the clumps out that I can only work for 30 minutes at a time but I dig and I sweat and I ice my back and the garden is that much closer

2.  eldest son has his first NJROTC ball this weekend - he bought his ticket and is looking forward to good food and playing billiards all evening.  He said some of the kids have dates.  Keeping that conversation open and low-key.

3.  I can do a headstand.  This news shocks me.

4.  youngest son has an eye appointment in a few weeks, his vision test with the pediatrician reiterated the need for a comprehensive exam.  I think he'll look very studious with glasses, if he needs them.

5.  homeschool is chugging along - algebra gets a little hairy but we do our best

6.  still working, waitressing four days a week - my co-workers are pretty cool, make me laugh, make me think

7.  I am unsure whether I have the energy and time to get chickens this spring.  My mind gets made up one way then sways far the other way with every slight breeze.

8.  I stumbled across an envelope of love notes I had written my husband before he was my husband.  It made me thankful for the time we've had together to grow, to ripen, to deepen our bond.  It's been 17 years since we were engaged.

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