Tuesday, March 25, 2014

she came

Spring came in her quiet, gentle way last week.  Just another day that felt just like the day before.  No fanfare, no red carpet, no paparazzi.  But my soul breathes easy knowing that she's here.  The light, the hope, the promise, the newness, the life, the color, the assurance.  She brought it with her.

Sickness has come to my house.  We who are rarely sick.  I struggled through last week in a sick haze, keeping my schedule as clear as possible so I could rest.  My family laughed as I sneezed and blew my nose through a whole roll of toilet paper ( I never buy Kleenex for whatever reason).  Then one night I woke up with a start and new that I was better, my body had won victory over the virus.  Then my eldest son woke up with it.  And youngest son is battling against it too.  It is when you are sick that you can truly appreciate health.

My uncle is beginning a journey, fighting Lymphoma.  He is one of the kindest, gentlest men I've ever met and I hurt for him, hurt for his wife, his kids.  I pray along with them (over many miles) that he'll receive strength for the battle, healing.

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