Tuesday, February 11, 2014

valentine's week (part three)

Marriage cannot complete you.

It will not fill the void in your soul.

Only God can make you whole.

Our sinful nature separates us from our Creator, leaving a gaping absence that we each try to fill with something, anything.  Continually reaching, searching, and always....incomplete.

Jesus Christ took our sin upon his shoulders, laying down his sinless life, receiving the punishment for our sins.  Not only that but he defeated death when he rose triumphantly from the grave!

By this, if we can only recognize our own brokenness, acknowledging what Christ did for us, by this we are made whole.



And when two whole people are in a marriage together they don't need to seek for the other to fill the void within, they are free to give 100% of themselves.

This is pure

                   and beautiful.


  1. True! It's much easier to be content when you realize your partner can't meet all your needs, only God can do that.

  2. I didn't know that when I signed up... :)
    but I've learned
    and am learning.