Tuesday, February 4, 2014

my boys

It is no surprise that I am crazy about my sons.  They are the finest individuals I've ever met.
I'd probably say that even if I weren't their mother.
Youngest son has been a bit out of sorts lately.  He'll be 13 in a couple months so I attribute his moodiness to this.  I'm not making excuse or saying that he's turning into a monster just because he'll be a teenager.  I'm just acknowledging the fact that his body is being flooded by hormones and we are in for an adjustment period.
Eldest son received a ribbon in NJROTC for physical training and an additional silver lamp pin for his performance in said training.  He already had a ribbon for passing the AMI inspection with 100%.  It's ok if you don't know what most of this means, I'm still learning.  He's up for a promotion this week, hoping to earn the rank of "Seaman".  It is dependent upon how well he scored on the big test last week.
Here is the serious face.  He has a name for this saluting position but I forgot it the moment after he told me.

Checking out the ribbons, making sure they are placed correctly.  They should be 1/4 inch above the pocket.

And this...my boy...this is his personality.  Easygoing, fun, relaxed, happy.
I live in a house full of boys.  I am outnumbered 5 to 1.  There are perks to this arrangement but it also gets a little overwhelming at times.
The littlest boy, my Charlie dog, does his best to make sure I'm never lonely.  Yes, the dog is annoying at times.  He barks at the wind.  He pees in the garage.  But he is the warmest little creature ever.  He looks into my soul and reads my emotions.  He understands most everything I say.  And he just wants to be with me, not expecting anything in return.
Case in point:

I was sitting there and he climbed up on the arm just to be nearest me.  When I got up to get his picture I told him, just once, to stay.  He didn't move but his eyes to follow me until after I got a couple pictures.  I'm enamored by this bit of fluff and honored that he is enamored by me.

Honorable mention:  Silas, the chocolate Lab.  He will try to inhale your soul from out your very own nostrils.  He loves, loves, loves.  I think he's dumb as a rock but my husband will wholeheartedly disagree with me.  He's partial though.  That dog is his baby.  He's our old man puppy, gray fur and aching bones.  He turned 11 a few days ago. 

And that is all I had to say today.  And more.


  1. Enjoyed this post about your boys.
    Doris High

  2. that "and more" intrigues me. :)

    great pics of your fine young man!
    and Charlie's is almost as cool.

  3. I just love your house full of males. And your Charlie...Can we clone him?

  4. one of the biggest thing to surprise me with parenting has been how much I actually like my kids!! ;))

    Your firstborn is getting so tall - he looks sharp in his uniform.

    Cute baby boy Charlie too!! :)) I'm with Beth, let's clone him!!!