Wednesday, February 12, 2014

valentine's week (part four)

I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the things I could write about on this topic of love and marriage.  As of now, I've only just scratched the surface.  But it is an immeasurable topic.  One that swallows me up.

I've seen God work in my own heart, in my life, in my marriage, displaying His love to me, teaching me how to love and how to be loved in a way that is so unlike what the world teaches.  Media, advertisers, and the entertainment industry would have a soul believe that love is a shallow emotion, one that can be passionately hot one moment and bitterly cold the next.  My soul has been scarred by an inaccurate view of what love is and I grieve over the loss of my innocence.

One thing I would abolish in this world if I had power to make magical things happen would be the monster that is pornography.  We are groomed to develop an appetite for this in it's softest form and it can only grow from there.  I'm talking about the blaring magazine covers, the covertly sexual ads on tv, the detailed depictions in movies and books, and growing from there into the blatantly wicked pornography industry.  It is poison.  Pure deadly poison.

For myself, and I'm being transparently honest here, my own self image, the way I view the person God made me with the body I have, the soul I have, the heart I have...I've struggled with this because who I am doesn't line up with what we are told women are (by the world).  The world shows us that women are a sex object.  With long thin legs.  With full red lips.  With swaying hips.  But the woman I see in the mirror is so simple, so plain.  And I compare.  And then I wonder if others compare.  And then I wonder, in my heart of hearts, if my husband compares. 

It is so damaging.  So scarring.

And I grieve.

The devil would certainly have us believe that we are anything but lovely, anything but loveable.  And we fill the discontent with self deprecation.  Focusing on the flaws.  Believing that know one can love us as we are.

Truth is, we are loved.  God doesn't create us by accident, not one soul.  Not one body.  He counts the hairs on our heads.  He bends his ear to the very cries of our hearts.  He shelters us from the storms.  Love.  This is love.

Love doesn't compare.  Love doesn't steal.  Love doesn't mar.

Pure love uplifts and sacrifices and cultivates and accepts and listens and takes the time and hears the heart.

HE hears your heart.

HE sees the pain there.

And HE loves you.  The creator of the entire universe loves you.

And when you can accept His pure love, you are free to love and be loved, in your imperfections.

This is what I've learned.


  1. bless you. bless you for speaking to this.

    none of us line up. and it's not something that's in our face once and we get over it. it's the over and over and over... that crushes and destroys. and leaves us wondering if we will be loved. if we are loved. and for how long.

    Your last sentences are precious---HIS love?!!! Yes! It's the only way to freedom and the only way to keep it. Thanks for sharing what you're learning.

  2. I appreciate this post! You're so right. We are sent all the wrong messages about love, and sex, and women. It's so difficult to have a healthy appropriate view of the world, when you grow up in the world!