Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday musings

Outside my window... 
looking outside I see gray sky, gray light, calm air.  Not much of anything exciting out my window at the moment although somewhere nearby I'm sure all sorts of exciting things are occurring.  I'm not in the seeing mood today.

I am thankful... 
for HOME.  I love my family and our home together.  I like cooking good food for them and being comfortable together.  And listening to puppies snore.  And drinking coffee and wearing socks.

In the kitchen...
French press coffee waiting to be pressed.  It's Folgers Gourmet something.  With some Pumpkin Pie creamer.  Yummmmm.  Later on I'm making a meatloaf, served with baked potatoes (butter and sour cream!), and green beans.  Spumoni ice cream for dessert.

I am wearing... 
smelly work clothes because I'm too lazy at the moment to go change out of them.
I am going... 
to get better.  I'm sick with no voice, little energy, and an overall sense of "blah". 
I am reading... 
Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot.  This is my second time through this particular book.  She's a wise woman with lots of things to impart.
I am praying... 
There are things I'm keeping close to my heart.    Good things, scary things, unknown things.  Causing me to just hold on and trust my Lord to hear my heart of hearts.
I am learning... 
My body is strong and capable.  I knew this but after a few years of consistent back pain and new issues that flare up, pain that keeps me from doing things but I learn to deal with it because life marches on,  I had begun to doubt the strength and flexibility and power of my body.  I felt frail.  I felt weak. 
Years ago I was consistent with yoga and pilates, falling away from it with new priorities and focuses.  Recently I took it back up and have been reminded, reacquainted with my strength and abilities.  I'm doing handstands that I never thought I could do.  I'm relaxing into stretches and positions I had forgotten.  And my body eases right into like no time was lost.  There is a difference, I know my body better than I used to, I listen better.  And I think my body responds in turn.

Around the house... 
In addition to practicing yoga for my back, we also purchased a memory foam mattress topper.  Our old pillow top mattress is, well, old.  But we just couldn't make a new mattress happen.  $150 at Costco for a 3 inch memory foam.  Best money spent in a long time!!  The difference is remarkable.  Sleeping through the night, waking up without pain.  I'm a believer in the memory foam!
A favorite quote for today... 
When telling a co-worker that my husband and I had been tv shopping he replied, "Is that like window shopping?" 
A few plans for the rest of the week... 
Tomorrow is Saturday, lots of housework, finishing taxes online, registering eldest son with the high school for next school year (just part time again), taking the boys swimming, getting some groceries...I'll just go to sleep now.


  1. Yoga fascinates me- I've always wanted to give it a try. Some of my friends do hot yoga... when they first told me about it I was like, "wha...?" I thought it was pole dancing or something. Haha. Didn't realize hot actually means just that - hot!!! ;))

    And we should check into a pillow top for our mattress too - it's so old and lumpy.

    Have a great weekend! xo

  2. I was watching "I didn't know I was pregnant" b/c I was on the treadmill and I like to watch tv while I run. Anyway, it was on and have you see that show? There was a lady on there who had infertility problems and a tubal pregnancy, damaged fallopian tubes and she STILL had a baby, with high blood pressure she had a massive heart attack after her surprise birth (her first baby at 37) and three strokes and STILL recovered from it all. Can you imagine? Our bodies are amazing. There are women who have their tubes tied (like our friend Beth) and the tubes heal and they get pregnant! All that to say, that yes yes yes our bodies are amazing, God is amazing in what He has created!
    I hope that you are able to get some energy back for the weekend, or maybe just put on the clean socks and clothes and be cozy at home, to recharge, in the midst of your busy weekend plans.

  3. Shanda's comment is funny...she doesn't want you to get pregnant does she?

    Good for you. I need to get back into walking. It's finding the energy to do it.

    I'm glad you are getting better sleep. New beds are so nice...they usually lead to unplanned pregnancies :-)

    Love Ya!!

    1. What is all this pregnant talk?!? You just go point that topic somewhere else!

      And the walking will give you the energy for the walking. It's a wonderful cycle.