Monday, October 7, 2013

curtains ((shudder))

I despise curtain shopping.  I loathe curtains in their pretty packages and various lengths, fabrics, and styles

This story begins with the purchase of our home.  The living room and dining room sported vertical blinds, broken, with slats missing.  There is no style in plain white vertical blinds.  They are sterile and bland. 

So I set out to browsing curtains and was quickly overwhelmed.  The living room curtain needed to accent the red furniture.  The dining room curtain needed to match the living room.  The kitchen curtain needed to accent but not match the dining room which must match the living room. 

I'm not stuffy, I'm not picky, I'm not uppity so why are these curtains giving me such a hang up?!

Shopped online.  Shopped various department stores.  Shopped the giant chains.  Most every time I was met with a panic attack.

And my disdain for frilly frivolities (such as curtains) mounted.

Finally, I settled on some curtains.  They were eerily similar to the ones we had in our last house.  They came in sets of two.  I bought two sets to cover the front window and back window in one fell swoop.  And set on my way home glad the ordeal was finally over.

The ordeal was not over.

Turns out, the curtains were rather sheer where they actually covered the window.  Those two panels per package were the narrowest pieces of fabric disguised as curtains I'd seen.  And they were not attractive.   

I'm simple, really.  And I know there are women in other parts of the world that are thankful to put an old sheet up over a hole in the wall, if they are lucky enough to have a wall in the first place.

Believe me I was trying to convince my husband that we could just settle for some old sheets. 

He didn't agree.  Maybe he doesn't think about the women in those other areas of the world that are really just thankful to have that single wall with a hole in it.

So, he did what any level headed husband of a somewhat flitty wife would do and he TOOK me curtain shopping.  It could have been the muscle relaxers I had taken or it could have been his calm demeanor but meandering that curtain aisle almost felt like a breathe of fresh air.

My eyes landed on "the curtains" within moments.  And it was all so easy.

I even picked out the corresponding kitchen curtains at the same time.

The ordeal may not be quite over.  As I work my way through the bathroom and the bedrooms, ridding our home of ugly metal venetian blinds, curtains will need to be purchased.

It's a good thing my husband is longsuffering where I am concerned.  God must have given him an extra scoop of "patience with your wife".

P.S. I do not advocate the use/abuse of prescription drugs.  It is not something that should be taken lightly and just accepted.  The muscle relaxers I take are an all natural Valerian based substance, no chemicals, no addictions.  I use them to ease the muscles in my back.  And to help calm my nerves while curtain shopping. 

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  1. So, if I lived closer, I would be more than happy to help you with your dreaded curtain applications. We could go and purchase some lovely fabric and gather the sewing machine and sewing basket and make a big pile on your dining room table. We'd sew and everything would turn out extra beautiful!

    Or we could spend the day browsing shops in the city. Grab a peaceful flavored coffee type beverage in the morning. Have a nice lunch at a little soup and sandwich place you heard of the other day. And rush home to apply said curtains to the windows.

    Wish we lived closer :-)