Saturday, October 19, 2013

the business of Saturday

What a great, productive Saturday it's been!  Woke up to a foggy, drippy kind of morning.  Aaron was already gone to work.  Eased out of bed and made a coffee.
The boys and I stacked the cord of wood we had delivered today.  It was quick work.  We are so used to hauling, splitting, stacking that to have most of the work already done for us was really nice.  And it's good wood too, dry and ready to burn.
I've been a house cleaning fool today too.  Floors are swept and mopped.  Bathroom is scrubbed.  The dogs even both had their baths and are sparkly and fluffy.
Tomorrow at church we are having a potluck lunch with an "International Cuisine" theme.  I wanted to choose something I'd never done before so I went with the country of Israel.  I've already made what I'll be taking.
  1. Israeli Chicken Sofrito - a main dish with potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and chicken; cooked in a big enamel pot.
  2. Israeli Salad - chopped salad made of cucumber, tomato, mint, parsley with a lemon/oil dressing
  3. Kadorei Shokolad - truffle-style sweets, coated in: a) cocoa, b) almonds, or c) gold sprinkles
Now that all those things are done I'm going to spend a couple of hours waging the battle of the ivy.  I've mostly healed from the last battle so I figure it's a good time to get back into it.

Tomorrow will be spent at church.  All of us together as a family with our church family.  Next week we dive back into it.  Wrestling starts up for Blake and my husband, head coach.  We will also celebrate Aaron's birthday on Tuesday (he's 36).  Rifle team members and their parents have a meeting one evening.  And we work.  And we chug along through school.  And this is how we do it.

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