Wednesday, October 9, 2013

morning musings

It's been a gorgeous sunrise this morning.  From the first red in the eastern sky to the bright sun streaming through the windows, a gift.

I'm usually up early to get schoolwork corrections done and make sure eldest son gets out the door to his early morning activities.  Every day but one he's been up on time without any help from me.  There was the one morning he had forgotten to set his alarm and had just enough time to get dressed and brush teeth before zooming out the door.

Today we should find out if he made the Rifle Team.  There are only 8 spots available and there were a lot of kids that tried out.  He's overheard the Rifle coach and his Chief saying good things about him.  I take that as a positive sign.  Every morning he is first to class and greets the Chief who knows him now by name.  He takes all the chairs down from desks before the other kids get there.  My boy...I am proud.

Don't think that I am playing favorites between my children.  My youngest son is also uber amazing and wonderful.  Let me brag.  His schoolwork is most always neat, tidy, done well.  His room is spotless.  He daily vacuums without being asked.  His heart is soft and kind.  He still likes to sit close to me and will sometimes hold my hand.  With Austin becoming so independent I am cherishing this season with Blake, knowing full well that it will change in time.

We've really been nose to the grindstone lately.  Not too much extra time for "fun".  Between work schedules, schoolwork,  and responsibilities; it's been a treat to watch a movie as a family at night (last night was "After Earth").  Last weekend the boys and I did get some shopping in.  The way they are growing it's been sooooo hard to keep them clothed!  Value Village works wonders.  And, if you donate a bag of clothes they, in turn, give you a 20% off coupon that you can use that same day!

Opening day of hunting season is this weekend.  Guess where my guys will all be?  Totin' guns in the woods look for some meat!  And if it's sunny I may be out doing some yardwork with my pups.  Speaking of my pups...they have to get rabies shots this week.  Poor guys.  Living in city limits means we have to comply with city laws.  Boo.

Living in city limits also means we can vote for City Council members of which one of our friends is running for re-election.  I'll be securing my voter registration tomorrow and count it an honor to cast my vote for this good man.

Anyways, that is all the updating I've got for today.  Take care!

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  1. I loved this post today. I love reading about everyday happenings. Love ya Sister!!