Tuesday, October 29, 2013

before dawn

Up before the dawn and the house is already mostly empty.

Aaron was out the door by 5 a.m.  He's on his ferry route today.  He'll spend the day hopping from island to island checking on accounts and doing scheduled stops.  I don't envy the hard work but I do envy the ferry rides and the scenery he gets to take in.

Austin was out the door by 5:45 for rifle team practice.  He likes to get there early to help set-up.  He and I are both looking forward to Thursday as I am planning on joining him at practice, as a bystander.  It's awful early, dreadful early that side of the morning but my show of support and interest in his interests trumps the extra sleep.

Last night I took in a wrestling practice.  My Blake gets so intense.  He has a fire inside him just like his dad.  But when the whistle sounds to stop he's out of it that quick.  His practice partner is also his friend and they challenge each other, make each other better.  And my husband as coach, his heart is for those kids.  He gets down on the level of the little 5 year olds and listens to their silly questions about "how far away is Arkansas?" and he doesn't dismiss them, but cares.  That's a good coach.

Do you know the feeling you get when you can feel God working?  The feeling that He has drawn near and is peering into your very heart?  After a time in a spiritual "desert" this is welcome.  But I know that it is not really Him that has drawn near as He never stepped away.  It is I that have turned my face toward His and stepped closer.  A return.  A humbled return.  And I step into His mercy and rejoice in His presence.

My coffee cup is almost empty.  Time for a refill then some schoolwork correcting.  It is my least favorite thing and as a homeschool teacher I get to do it ALL THE TIME.  My students do a lot of work on their own and this is my way to feel the heartbeat, to monitor the strengths or weaknesses, to address any issues.  It is the responsible thing to do when the irresponsible in me wants to bundle up and go for a walk in the early morning chill and watch the leaves fall.

Happy Tuesday!

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