Wednesday, October 23, 2013

tales from the inside

Have you ever wondered what a waitress eats whilst serving delicious, well presented food to hungry patrons?  This is what I have learned from being on the inside.

Most times the server tries to eat before coming to work because the affront of scents coming from the kitchen are just too much to handle.  Eat at home, eat something that will sustain for the whole shift because for that whole shift you are going to be staring at food.

If the server has no time or forgets to eat before shift there is always the method of bringing in your own quick eating food.  Yogurt is easy.  Cut up veggies are a good option.  The key is to pick something that will keep you full and satisfied so as not to be distracted by the tantalizing meals you are serving to your guests.

If the server has not eaten at home and has also failed to bring in a safe back-up she (or he) will fall victim to desirous hunger of the eyes and stomach.  In this case she will either a) order a big juicy burger made custom by one of the cooks or b) eat the mistakes of the kitchen (too many fries, messed up salad, etc...).  Either instance is a bad decision.

Sometimes the entire shift will be so busy, so full of serving and running and doing that there is not a moment to even remember food.  In this case the server, worn down from a long hard shift, journeys home, the only place in the world that she can throw off her shoes, swing open the frig to find leftovers, pop said leftovers in the microwave for a bit and enjoy instant home cooking.

This is my story. 

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