Thursday, August 22, 2013

what we've been working on

Yesterday we signed papers and became home-owners.

Today we got the keys to our new home.

This family is thankful and overjoyed with what God has given.

I have so many details about this process that I'd like to share, so many ways that God was evident, but those things will have to wait till I have more time.

It is now the end of a long, very full day that came on the heels of another long, very full day.  My mind is worn out.  But my heart is so happy!

We chose a home within city limits, walking distance to the high school, a quick jaunt to the grocery store.  We already have friends close by with game nights planned.

Although the home is small, each boy has his own room.  This has caused much rejoicing!

Blake and Charlie in their room at the end of the hall....

Serious teenager face in his room with the biggest closet (?!)...

Crazy kid at heart....

The ragged happy family...

Grass needs watering but it's home.

It'll be a slower process moving in but I just couldn't wait to do a little something to make it cozier.  This rug is my first feather in the nest.  It makes my heart swell to see it there in that place I know I will spend a lot of time, washing dishes, looking into the backyard at birds.

Our first meal in the new place...


  1. Congratulations McBride Family. It is a blessing to enter into home ownership! We are so excited for you all!
    Love Jackie Harper

  2. Yipee so excited for you all. Congratulations!! Love You!

  3. Enjoy your new home! What a blessing!
    Michelle C.

  4. very nice family pictures. congrats on your new home!