Saturday, August 17, 2013

some saturday

Outside my window...  My boys are detailing my Jeep.  One has windows, one has vacuuming.  Sweet.  This is why I had children.  Not really.  Kinda.

I am thankful...  for my current job, for the sweet owners, for my really great co-workers, for the fun we have together, for the good conversations we have, for camaraderie we share, for the support we offer each other.  And for just two weeks left to work there.

In the kitchen...  This week I made the best molasses cookies ever!  They were soft with just a slight texture in the bite (I don't know what that's called when they crunch ever-so-slightly).  We've had spaghetti squash this week and pasta casserole.  Tomorrow we're doing a bacon themed potluck after church services.

I am wearing...  Greasy yucky work clothes.  Greasy yucky work hair.  Blah.

I am wondering...  all the time.

I am reading...  I started reading a mystery book this week but the first sentence already had a cuss word.  I just couldn't get into it after that.  So I read a cook book instead.  : )  Sometimes when I just want an easy, no thought required read, I like The Cat Who... mysteries by Lillian Jackson Braun.

I am praying...  for upcoming changes and my continued relinquishing of control in said changes

I am looking forward to...  see above ^

I am learning...  really, I am learning that I don't need to be in control.  There is a constant leaning into God, resting in Him, knowing that He's got things covered.  Lately, He's shown me this, tangibly and visibly, and it all at once convicts me and excites me.

Around the house...  ooo, scary.  I'll leave it at that.

One of my favorite things...  sleepy, snoring puppy dogs.

A few plans for next week...  Next week involves a meeting with the Freshman counselor at the high school, a yearly exam appointment for me (bleh!), working and working, schooling, and checking in with a prospective new employer.

A peek into my day...  up just after 4 a.m., open the store, work and work, come home to quiz corrections, couch shampooing, food preparations, and hoping to get it all done so I can spend the evening fishing with my husband before I pass out in a heap of exhaustion.  I do that.  Usually at 8 p.m.  Like clockwork.

Enough chillin' for me.  Going to go fix myself a cup of coffee and dive into this schoolwork.

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