Thursday, August 29, 2013

an update from here

It is a drizzly day.  Humid, sticky, thick.

I'm sitting here in my new living room, listening to the wind blow my windchime out front.

There is a big warm dog laying at my feet and a little fluffy dog planning his way into my lap.

I was up at 4 a.m. for work.  Dropped by the old house on the way home to fill my Jeep with a load of things.  We have dentist appointments this afternoon and later I have a date with my new kitchen to do some unpacking.

Honestly I am running on fumes.  Last week we were on pins and needles waiting for the sale to go through on our new home.  We were in the last days of our contract that the seller refused to extend.  Suddenly we received word that everything was going through, we'd sign the following day, get the keys the day after.  All this happened amid work schedules, appointments, and school.  We've been moving as time allows since then, still working, still other irons in the fire.

We had our first ROTC meeting, met the Captain, the Chief, and received a lot of good information, what to expect, what is expected, that sort of thing.  Austin received his uniform.  He looks so grown up, so strong and handsome.  I did get pictures but don't have my camera cord handy to get them uploaded so they'll have to wait.  Just know, he carries himself different when he wears it.  He'll go to class every day at 7:45 a.m.  They offer extracurricular clubs as well that usually meet about 6:30 (in the morning!!).  It'll be a couple weeks till we know what he's going to get into.  The opportunities that this experience brings with it are astounding and Aaron and I are both so pleased, so excited to see the growth that is going to happen in our son.

I got myself a new job.  I'll be working for the same people but at their restaurant in town, as a waitress, starting next week.  It wasn't really what I had in mind but they gave me a very attractive offer and my husband and I thought it a good idea to at least give it a shot for awhile.  Our ultimate goal is to get me back at home full time, where my heart yearns to be.

If I were to show you a picture of myself today, you'd probably laugh.  You'd see the dark circles under my eyes.  You'd see my hair, a frizzy humidity curled mess.  You'd see my grease stained work t-shirt.  And maybe you'd notice that I've not eaten home cooked food for a couple days and fast food does NOT do a body good. Oy!  It's not pretty. 

Hope to be back to sanity by next week.  We'll be getting into the groove of our new schedules, our new real.

At this moment there is a break in the rain and the boys are getting ready to walk over to the little park a couple blocks over.  And I am going to get on with my day.


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