Monday, August 12, 2013

fishing and shooting

Opening day of salmon fishing and we were on the beach.  There was a chill in the air and my hands kept going numb.  Cast, reel, pop, reel, cast, reel, pop, reel.  Over and over again.  Hands numb.  But when I glance over and catch my husband's eye, he's smiling from the inside out, and suddenly I don't care that I can't feel my fingers.

If you're looking, that is Blake in the foreground center and Aaron on the left.

My husband has been fishing almost every day since the salmon season opened.  Many days he goes out twice.  I go when I can.  Sometimes I fish.  Sometimes I take pictures.  Sometimes I get distracted by pretty rocks.

But this view, this area we live, it is BREATHTAKING.  And I never get tired of experiencing it.

My guys, with Charlie, off to hike while Mom and Dad fish.

I love the way the foam caresses the sand, gently pulling the small pebbles back out with it.

After I had had my fill of fishing one sunny evening, I found a cozy spot to nest myself into on a large piece of driftwood.  I wrote a letter, I took pictures, I wondered at the sunset.  And my boys ventured to see how far they could launch each other off of this catapult... 

Sunlight through sweet pea leaves...

The spoils from a day of fishing...

I wasn't with him and I must confess, I challenged him that maybe, just maybe, he ran to Safeway and bought this guy.  Of course, this fish was fresh caught out of the Puget Sound and we ate him for dinner that very night.  Slathered in butter, garlic salt, pepper, dill, and love.  It tasted like candy!

In other news, we went shooting.

Aaron (notice the ease and comfort)...

Blake (notice the professional stance)...

Me (notice how I don't know what I'm doing)...

So, I took my fluffy little dog on a hike and took pictures.


  1. There are some pretty rocks up there. Pretty scenery and a super duper cool family.

    Nice fish Aaron!

    Love You!

  2. You are right about your home being breathtaking! Gorgeous views! How fun to settle down and take pictures, write a letter or just look out over the water.

    One of our boys just asked yesterday if we can go fishing. The fish he will be catching in the lake by our house will be around 3 inches long though...and it won't be salmon. ;)

    Okay, comment from a past post...
    I think it's great that you are still homeschooling. Here you are so busy and still plugging along. Your commitment is encouraging to me. :)

    1. Imagine how excited your son would be with a big salmon on the line! But 3 inch fish are pretty cool too. : )

      And any encouraging comes from God because most times I don't feel very committed OR encouraging.

      Thank you friend.