Wednesday, July 31, 2013

real life

A real life picture:

  • thick throw rugs drying on backs of chairs
  • dachsund Minties
  • Bibles
  • glasses not in their case
  • a package needing to be sent
  • corrections and grading records
  • grocery list
  • a feather carelessly stuck inside a vase
  • staples for a staple gun
  • yesterday's earrings

It is Wednesday morning.  I have a to-do list.  There is a sink full of dirty dishes.  And I sit here.  Just wanting to empty my mind a bit.  Let the words flow out.

The fog descended overnight and has yet to burn off.  It is like that this time of year.  Foggy mornings, sunny afternoons.  And the early evening light, don't tell anyone but it looks like Autumn.  Moving on...

We've been wanting to have a garage sale.  I'm not sure how we've collected so much excess that is so easy to part with.  It's been hard to set a date for the sale because we are rarely off on weekends and the occasional weekdays we do have off together we fill with things like fishing and Dairy Queen.  Priorities, they're all wonky.  Or not.

As un-fun as it has been we've stuck with schooling through the summer.  We've been diligent and firm which stinks sometimes.  Being a responsible grown up is for the birds.  I was a hair's breadth away from a school induced meltdown some time back.  It has proven to be the most difficult undertaking I've ever attempted, this feat of working a billion hours per week while simultaneously homeschooling.  But my husband has since shouldered quite a bit.  He's stepped in to help me get work corrected.  He provides some of the one on one time when a student is struggling.  And the weight is that much lighter.

Tomorrow we are going salmon fishing.  I've never been and I hear it's quite an adrenaline rush because they are so big.  In the area we live we are blessed to be just three minutes away from a great salmon fishing spot.  We will fish right off the beach.

Some of the things I've been working on:

I recovered this chair...... 

 Another real life picture:

  • cast off shoes
  • falling apart little dog bed
  • a desk shoved in an empty space
  • fabric waiting to be sewn

I recovered my piano bench with this chevron fabric that coordinates with the fabric from the white chair...

I painted, sanded, painted (in that order) this vintage desk...

I will be using the chevron fabric to cover two small throw pillows and the fabric from the white chair to cover two larger throw pillows.  That should tie everything together.  The desk will be staying in the living room but needs to find a better position.

And one last thing....

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