Tuesday, July 16, 2013

this Tuesday

Outside my window...  it is 70 degrees and overcast, possible thunderstorm tonight!!  The grass is turning brown as it hasn't rained in awhile.

I am thankful...  for good things, for change

In the kitchen...
  I am making meatballs and noodles in alfredo sauce with fresh green beans for dinner.  There may be some candy bars hiding in the cupboard for later.  : )

I am wearing...  Dark jeans, a coral lacy tank over a lavendar tank, with silver sandals.  My hair is in a messy french braid and I'm wearing my favorite chandelier drop earrings.
I am creating...  a furniture redo, an old student desk is getting a facelift.  I am sanding now and will be painting it a very BOLD color.  Excited!
I am reading...  Grace For The Good Girl  because I am just that and I have a lot to learn about grace.

I am looking forward to...  a family day tomorrow.  My Aaron is taking us out to the SanJuan Islands via ferry boat ride.  We don't have any plans beyond that.  Just wandering around, seeing sights, being together.  

 Map of Orcas, Lopez, Shaw, and San Juan Islands

Around the house...  my houseplants are not doing well.  I think it's time for a replant with some fresh soil and fertilizer.  I've had one of the plants since I was 15!  Also, I have two mint plants (different kinds) and one is thriving and one is looking horrible and has bugs on it.  I'm so not a green thumb!!  We have a big stack of stuff in the garage, expanding daily, of garage sale items.  We are not hoarders at all so I'm surprised we have this much stuff to get rid of!  Having a sale sooooooon!

I am pondering...  God's grace.  The book I'm reading now (mentioned above) and the book I just finished (The Shack) have really brought my soul to thoughts of God's goodness, His desire, not for us to do good, to be good, but to commune with Him.  He doesn't want our obligatory actions but our heart and our fellowship.  How often do I forget this?

One of my favorite things...  my new address book.  I'm busy, busy filling it with addresses as I purpose to WRITE MORE LETTERS and connect through snail mail with those I love.  If you are reading this and I know you, get me your address, please!! 

A peek into my day...

  • up at 6:30 recording weekly, quarter, and semester grades
  • coffee and a hot shower
  • housework
  • recycling drop-off
  • library
  • open swim at the pool
  • eyeglass frames shopping.....I like these:
  • pay a bill
  • pick up my paycheck
  • Wal-mart
  • touch-free car wash
  • buy produce
  • blessed and wonderful chiropractor visit
  • home to ice my neck/shoulder so I won't be too sore from my blessed and wonderful chiropractor visit
  • dinner preparations 

A quote for today...
  I am a sort-of musician in that I play the piano and violin the very best I can and  I sing when my heart is happy.  I listen to music intently and can be affected by it deeply.  So, recently I found this and immediately copied it.  It speaks my soul.

"the strings sing the heart... and known be the glory of silence in this dance of light... those moments between each note... that living pause between each breath"


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