Monday, July 22, 2013

a day on another island

He said, "Want to spend the day on the island tomorrow?"

And I said, "Of course!"

In all actuality we live on an island.  We live and breathe island.  But our island feels like home and other islands feel like destinations.

So we drove aboard a big ferry and took an hour trip to San Juan Island and the town of Friday Harbor.

The view as we waited to board the ferry...

That long line of cars was what we were waiting in.  It's a BIG ferry and everyone boarded  fine.

This was the view through the front window after we boarded.  We were in the upper level, right up front.  To our right was open view, to the left was a wall.  The boys explored the ferry a bit, complete with elevator ride and sight seeing from the top deck. 

Ferry traffic in the Puget Sound...

My Blake enjoying the sights.  Isn't it just beautiful?

Somebody gets to live here!!  Gorgeous place.

Once to our destination we did some driving around and exploring.  This was a little beaten path to a historical something or other about an English Camp and an American Camp.  Sheesh, I should know but I was too busy taking pictures.

A beach.  There were lots of pretty beaches.  An island, remember?

Friday Harbor.

We ate lunch here, sitting outside at a picnic table.  None of us had seafood though.  We're burger lovers.  And this place had fresh cut fries!  My burger was a mushroom swiss with lettuce and tomato.  And cool ranch dressing to dip those fresh hot fries.  Heavenly!

A beach facing west.  I took off my sandals, rolled up my pants and waded in the water a bit, letting the waves splash my legs.

The teeny-tiniest little lighthouse ever (according to me)...

We really had such a great day in the sun that day.  Great pictures and great memories.  I love those kind of days.

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  1. Oh you have no idea how jealous I am that you get to live where you live! I love the ocean so much but live so far away. There are many beautiful things about my part of the country...but I do wish we had an ocean. ;)

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day together.