Monday, May 2, 2016


All the irises in the neighborhood are on full display.  We have THREE varieties blooming  right now!  They've not been this splendid in years past but I think that some of the landscaping we did recently aided in their health.  I just love these flowers.  I love everything about them!

We had a photo shoot, spur of the moment.  It was for a purpose, a picture to go along with an endowment application.  But it was fun, capturing this boy and those eyes and that smile.
That is his rifle "Schatzi", the German for darling.

We had a few...err..."moments" between shots.

The garden grows.  I visit every day and check the progress.  We added a rain barrel this year to collect and channel some of the "free" water.  I believe these particular sprouts belong to white radishes.
Elsa was curious about the bird seed in my right hand but maybe more concerned with the phone in my left hand.

Aaron and I took in the Holland Happening.  Our town has a strong Dutch heritage so everybody pays tribute to that yearly with a parade and street fair.
We have old fire trucks...

Tiny horses...

Guys on tractors...

And giant pigs...
We enjoyed some frozen mochas afterwards at Whidbey Coffee.
Thanks, Maria!!

Austin and Elena went to the ROTC Ball together.  He asked her to be his date a few weeks ago with a handmade poster and an original poem.  I don't have a picture of the poster but he worked on it for hours.  He's such a big hearted romantic!

She was straightening his cover....

Ah, young loves, you are a beautiful inspiration!

I was so not prepared for a picture but was coerced. son...he is so tall!

Austin and Elena, ROTC Ball, April 30, 2016

"The Squad" with Chief Thiel and Commander Black.

Today is Monday and I've had the best and most peaceful Monday in a very long time.  The weather is gorgeous and 80 degrees!!  On an island in the Pacific Northwest, 80 degrees is something to soak in and thoroughly enjoy.

This has been my day:
  • brewed sweet peach iced tea
  • dough is rising on the counter for fresh bread
  • beef stew is simmering in the crockpot
  • peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream for dessert
  • walked around the neighborhood with my Charlie dog
  • played the piano barefoot (the BEST!) while Charlie laid at my feet
  • changed my clothes 3 times because I can (and once because I heard a "Mom, what ARE you wearing??")
  • cast my vote in the presidential primaries
  • drank an iced coffee
  • listened to Doris Day while working in the kitchen
  • dropped a boy off at Driver's Ed
A puppy at my feet...

He's a great shotgun rider on a hot day with the windows down...
Have a great week everyone!
It's a good week to have a good week.:

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