Thursday, May 19, 2016

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the little things

you've got to learn to appreciate
the little things
in life;

like a good cup of coffee,
or a fresh smelling flower,
or the smile of
a stranger
as you pass
on the streets.

the world is a
monumental beast,
frightening and
discouraging, but
in small doses, it is
the most beautiful thing
you'll ever discover.

(author unknown)

He's holding a cricket in his hand.  He ate it.  It was salt and vinegar flavor.
This one doesn't like his picture taken...
I told him I was photographing the water and he just got in the way (he didn't buy that!).

He's taller than us.

Heron in flight, part 1...

Heron in flight, part 2...

Heron in flight, part 3...

Beach flowers....

While Mom was here a week ago, we drove to the Mt. Baker wilderness area.  It was a beautiful drive, a beautiful day.  We stopped at these falls on the recommendation of friends. 

Nooksack Falls, Washington State


Mt. Baker


The very next day Mom and I took a ferry ride to the Olympic peninsula and drove to Hurricane Ridge.  The views are stunning.  We especially enjoyed looking at wildflowers along the side of the winding mountain road.

These Alpine Forget-Me-Nots were so pretty.
Sprays of them lined the bank of a sharp curve in the road.

I believe this is called Indian Paintbrush.  Their color is very striking.

The drive back toward the ferry had us stopping for coffee, for thrifting, and generally just meandering about.  This grain elevator in Sequim was very commanding.

That's all I have to share today.  Thanks for looking.

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous Eli!

    Blake has muscles. Look at his arms! Oh my!