Saturday, April 23, 2016


reading...  Writing Down The Bones (Freeing the Writer Within) by Natalie Goldberg

watching...  Fixer Upper on Netflix.  Love this show and Chip and Joanna Gaines!!

trying...  to pick a color to paint our house. We're somewhere between a blue and a sage green.

cooking...  tonight was penne pasta with a bacon alfredo wine sauce

drinking...  every morning I brew a pot of Tony's Coffee - Café Carmelita and it is delicious!

doing...  making a list that includes things like:  schedule SAT, research colleges with marksmanship program, register at the community college.  Times they are a changing!

loving...  that I have two varieties of bearded iris blooming beautifully in front of the house.  These are my favorite flower and this is the most beautiful they've been since we moved in.

discovering...  that every house project leads to another house project or requires a different project be completed first.  It's hard to know where to start and when it will ever end.  But I'm thankful for our little house and the things we can do here.

enjoying...  watching the new growth in the garden.  I just planted a week ago and am already seeing life!

feeling...  a little overwhelmed with some things...rather vague, I know.

hoping...  our new  (!!) washer and dryer set will be delivered promptly.  The old washer gave up and the old dryer was not too far behind, but I only had to make one visit to the Laundromat in the meantime and that's not really all that bad!  Also hoping we can get a great deal on a water heater to replace the ancient one we currently have.

listening...  to the rain as the evening darkens to night.  It's beautiful and comforting.

celebrating...  it was birthday month around here and my boys turned 15 and 17!!

smelling...  the fresh air through the open window, it smells like rain and lilacs.

thankful...  a week ago my husband was in the ER after a chainsaw incident and I'm thankful that his injury was as minor as it was and that he is healing very well.  It is sobering to realize what could have happened.

starting...  I have tentatively stepped into the world of Instagram.  With the foot I have outside of Instagram I'm ready to run the opposite direction.  With the foot I have inside I'm ready to step into a photo challenge, to capture simplicity every day.  We shall see which foot wins.  @mcbride_eli

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough."


  1. A pet peeve of mine is these dripping sentences people post about some drama or the other and then never say what it is. Really? You're just going leave me hanging. . .someone could have died! Comments like "I am so thankful for the fine officers at the Liberty Police Department. Whoa!" Or " the chainsaw incident" or ?

    I do love having these glimpses into you life. You are a sweetie and I am praying for you all.

    Are the community college classes for Austin?